William Newman & Lucy Faulconer family cemetery

Julie Cabitto visiting Newman cemetery 4 Aug 2016

Julie’s note: I visited this cemetery 4 August 2016 and was given permission to photograph it. There were five generations of Newmans buried in this cemetery. The people marked in blue in this chart below had a visible tombstone.

I’m not sure where Sarah Newman and her husband John Peyton lived or were buried, but her death record was in Culpeper. I believe William Newman and Lucy Faulconer’s other four children were buried in this cemetery.

1st generation: William & Lucy Newman

William Newman Jr. I held the grass down to see the top date which said born 10 Jun 1777. The death date of 9 Oct 1857 was visible at the time of the book: Tombstone Inscriptions of Orange County, Virginia. I suggest Williams’ actual birth year was either 1776 or 1779, because his father was away, in the Revolutionary War for 2 years.

I believe this is the stone for Lucy, I could only see the letter L. This stone and William Newman’s stone have sunk into the ground quite a bit. When the tombstone book was written, they could see “Lucy died 27 Oct 1848 in her 60th year”.

Lucy’s maiden name was Faulconer, daughter of Nicholas Faulconer

2nd generation: Children of William & Lucy

Maria F. Newman, married John Larmand. Here’s 3 close up pictures of her tombstone.

Maria’s tombstone: The broken part of stone in front of the rest of the stone.

Maria’s tombstone: just the back part of the stone. The tombstone book says: 18 Nov 1818 – 6 May 1866 “Our Mother”

John, son of William Newman & Lucy Faulconer

Wife of John R. Newman. Daughter of Malinda Newman & Joseph Rogers

3rd Generation: William & Lucy’s grandchildren

I didn’t turn this stone over, but I believe it is Cora’s tombstone, because it is near the foot stone. The tombstone book says “Cora A. Newman 18 July 1864 – 23 Sep 1902, wife of William Q. Newman.”

Wife of William Q. Newman

Son of John R. Newman & Margaret Rogers

4th & 5th generation

William Pendleton Newman Sr., the great grandson of William and Lucy, was buried in a different cemetery. See his Findagrave memorial. His wife Genevieve was buried in this family cemetery as was her son William Pendleton Jr.

William Pendleton Newman Jr was the son of Genevieve and a great, great-grandson of William & Lucy. Note: This tombstone and burial was after the tombstone book was written.

Burials without tombstones

I estimate there were three burials with field stones. These are some possibilities for those burials: I expect Martha Jane Newman to be buried here. She was the daughter of William and Lucy. She did not marry, and her father William’s will asked for her two brothers to provide for her. Martha would have lived on the property where this cemetery was. I also expect James Quintus Newman and his wife Mary Clary to be buried here, because they lived on the property adjoining the cemetery. Also, James was not well off financially. He applied for financial aid and was approved to live in a veterans home. James and Mary don’t appear to have had any children.

Find a Grave says James Quintus Newman is buried here and that he lived from 1856 to 1920. James couldn’t have been born in 1856, because his mother Lucy died eight years earlier. Census records say James was born about 1826. His death certificate only says “Orange Co” for place of burial. The person who wrote the tombstone book and myself did not see a tombstone for James, but I do believe he was buried in this cemetery, most likely one of the three field stones I could find.

Location of the Cemetery

Malinda Newman married Joseph Rogers who was a carpenter and had a furniture/cabinet store.

Malinda & Joseph Rogers children married people that lived close by. Robert and Reuben Rogers married women with the surname Terrill, on the adjoining property. (Marked on map above.) Margaret Rogers married John Newman. John Newman’s property was about a mile and a half from the Rogers property.

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