William Finnell & Ann Porter

Ann & William Finnell Jr. were listed as half siblings to the rest of the family. William’s first wife was Ann Porter, whose mother was also named Ann. In 1768, Ann Porter (the grandmother) gifts an enslaved individual named Nann, to her granddaughter, Ann Finnell, unmarried daughter of William Finnell. The deed of gift also mentions Ann Finnell’s brother, William Finnell (Jr) and their cousin Benjamin Finnell. Benjamin was the son of Jane Porter (sister to Ann, the wife of William Finnell) and John Finnell (no known relationships).

William Finnell Sr’s second wife’s name was not known or given in various court records. William Finnell Sr’s son, Jonathan Finnell, died without heirs, so all of Jonathan’s siblings listed as his heirswere the children of William Finnell Sr. It is important to note that William Finnell Sr had two daughters named Nancy and a son named Jonathan and as well as a son named John. This is very clearly explained in the chancery court case of 1822 regarding Jonathan Finnell’s estate:

1) Nancy Finnell (Ann) married to William Newman
2) William Finnell, living in Kentucky

Children from William and a second wife were:
1) Jonathan Finnell (deceased, case about his estate)
2) John Finnell
3) Morgan Finnell, living in Kentucky
4) Elizabeth Finnell married to Thomas Dooling (both deceased)
5) Nancy Finnell married to William Leathers
6) Fanny Finnell married to Daniel Mahoney
7) Hannahreta Finnell married to Daniel McKinley or McKinney
8) Ailvey Finnell married to James Daniel
9) a sister that died married to a McCully. She had two children named Polly & Ailvey McCulley. Polly lived in KY. Ailvey McCulley was married to Jincy Daniel and they lived in KY





William Finnell married Ann Porter about 1751, probably in Orange County, Virginia. After Ann died, William married another woman. Her name is unknown, but her children’s names are known.



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