Thomas Newman, died 1700

*Dates are estimated based on if males married at age 25 and females age 21.

Our method for calculation, when an age was not given on records, defaults to estimating men were age 25 and women age 21 when they married. They may have been older, though, based on the following. Indenture Servitude was common for ship passage, apprenticeship, and for orphans in America. Children orphaned were “bound up” to other families in the community. “Bound up” was the legal term used in court books, and meant the family taking the child would provide food, clothing and shelter. Indentured persons could not marry until their term ended or their indenture was purchased. Indentures commonly ended at age 21, but then they needed to prove they could be a provider with land, home, food, and clothing. until their twenty first birthday.

Let’s start with some dates we do know, then count back for estimations.

According to a transcribed Bible record, Elias Newman’s oldest child Martha was born 15 March 1721. If we estimate that Elias married the year before, that would be in the year 1720. If we estimate that Elias was age 25 at the time of marriage in 1720, he would have been born about 1695.

Elias Newman’s brother, Alexander, had a grandson named Alexander, and the grandson was born in 1740. This is Alexander ‘The Ensign’ who was an Ensign in the Army. If you estimate the Ensign’s parents (Thomas Newman & Elizabeth Morton) married the year before, in 1739, and that Thomas was age 25 when he married, he would have been born about 1714. Assuming this Thomas’ parents married the year prior to his birth, about 1713, and his father Alexander was age 25 at the time of marriage, then Alexander, the brother of Elias, would have been born about 1688.

Traditionally, this Newman family named their firstborn son Thomas. Based on Alexander’s calculations, Thomas was likely born 1686 (2 years before Alexander). The marriage of Thomas and Bridget would likely be 1685, the year before Thomas was born. If Thomas the father was age 25 when he married, then he would have been born about 1660. This Thomas born about 1660 appears to be the oldest in his family.

If you estimate that the parents of Thomas Newman junior (married to Bridget) were married the year before his birth, and Thomas Newman senior was age 25 at the time of his marriage, then Thomas senior would have been born about 1634.

*Dates are estimated based on if males married at age 25 and females age 21.

The following records state a relationship

  • 1666 Thomas Newman gives “unto my son Thomas Newman”
  • 1677 Thomas Newman gives to son Thomas Newman
  • 1687 John Wood gives “unto Francis Newman daughter of Thos Newman….unto Elizabeth Newman her sister”
  • 1700 Relinquishment of Thomas Newman to “administration of his father’s estate”
  • 1700 “John Newman son of Thomas Newman Sr died” chose guardian
  • 1700 “George Newman son of Thos. Newman died” chose guardian
  • 1701 Elizabeth Newman takes her “portion of the estate of Tho. Newman her dec’d father”

There is no evidence of a wife’s name for Thomas Newman that died in 1700. Previously published works do say Thomas Newman “The Immigrant” married Elizabeth Burdette. That is only supposition because Thomas being a witness does not mean son-in-law. Henry Burdette did not specify any relationship to Thomas Newman in his will. See Henry Burdette’s page for further discussion about this.

If Thomas Newman’s wife was 21 when she married in about 1659, she would have be age 47 when the youngest son George was born. That scenario is highly unlikely. Thomas would have had to have two wives to cover this range of children. For further information, such as how the ages were calculated for each of Thomas’s children, click on the buttons below.

A comment in Boogher’s “A Gleanings of Virginia History” states that the will for Thomas Newman that died in 1700 is missing. Below is the inventory for the estate of the Thomas Newman who died in 1700. Thomas junior was designated the administrator of the estate. There never was a will and only this inventory. Richmond County, Virginia will book 1, pg 26.

An indentured servant in Thomas Newman’s estate inventory record.

There are several men named Thomas Newman in the Morattico Creek area. We don’t yet know which Thomas is the man that died in 1700. We also don’t know if the Thomas that died in 1700 was born in England or Virginia. This Thomas (died 1700) could be the son of an earlier Newman Immigrant living in the Morattico Creek-Farnham Church area. Click the button to the right for more information.






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