*Sary, (girl 1728/9)

Edward Moseley willed Sary to his wife Elizabeth, but he wrote her name as Sarah. His will was written 23 January 1726/7 and proved 20 Jun 1727. Essex County, Virginia: Will book 4, page 204.

Elizabeth Moseley’s will of 1728/9 emancipated Sary when she turned age 21. Sary lived in Essex County, Virginia and is referred to as a girl (legal age range) in Elizabeth’s will. The terms of the will loaned Sary to Martha Newman, the daughter of Elias Newman, until Sary turned age 21. Martha Newman died in 1733 preceding Elizabeth in death. Elizabeth’s will was probated in 1739; with the 10 years between the date Elizabeth’s will was written and its probate, if Sary was at least 11 when she was mentioned in Elizabeth’s will, she would already be 21 before the probate occurred and would have already been emancipated. Without access to the inventory of Elizabeth’s estate, we don’t really know how old she actually was. Essex County, Virginia: Will book 6, page 208.

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