– Early Virginia Marriage Age Study

Vauter’s Episcopal Church in Essex County, Virginia

We want to establish a better age calculation standard. Approximating age at the time of marriage is crucial in establishing relationship links and determining if a woman was of childbearing age when children attributed to her were born. Because there is so little data to work with we have to make many assumptions in this process. Few colonial records have survived, and most of those that have do not specify ages, although you might be able to infer some age ranges from some records. We want to discover, what was normal in Virginia 1650-1799? We couldn’t find a Colonial Virginia marriage study, so we decide to do our own. At the end of our study, we will use the data to create a better method for estimating ages.

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Groom’s NameGroom’s Birth DateGroom’s AgeMarriage DateBride’s ageBride’s Birth DateBride’s NameCounty in Virginia
associated with
this family
Samuel Godwin20 May 1687/82419 Jun 1711151 Feb 1696 Mary JosseyNansemond
John Norfleet21 Jul 16992728 May 1727175 Apr 1710Elizabeth RiddickNansemond
Richens Brame2 Dec 17222014 Feb 17431813 Jun 1724Susannah ChilesMecklenburg
John Estes27 Dec 17252011 Sep 17462030 Mar 1726Mary MarshallCaroline
Fielding Lewis7 Jul 17252118 Oct 17462211 Feb 1724Catherine WashingtonSpotsylvania
Charles Talbot6 Feb 1723243 Aug 17471426 Dec 1732Drusilla GwinBedford
John Carlyle6 Feb 17202731 Dec 17471631 Dec 1730Sarah FairfaxAlexandria
James Madison Sr27 Mar 17232611 Sep 1749189 Jan 1731Nelly ConwayOrange
George Mason11 Dec 1725244 Apr 175016Jan 1734Ann EilbeckFairfax
Daniel Park Custis15 Oct 17113715 May 1750182 Jun 1731Martha DandridgeWilliamsburg
James Harris17 Jul 17332331 Jun 1757187 Jul 1739Betty SharesAlbemarle
William Fitzhugh24 Aug 1741222 Apr 17631613 May 1747Ann Bolling RandolphStafford
Jacquelin Ambler9 Aug 17422224 May 17641729 May 1746Rebecca BurwellYork
Muscoe Garnett17 Aug 1736309 Jul 17671620 Feb 1751Grace FentonEssex
Joseph Terrell28 Jan 17452229 Sep 17672026 Jan 1747Elizabeth MillsHanover
Alexander Boyd16 Aug 17432424 Mar 17681822 Jan 1750Ann SwepsonMecklenburg
Mack Goode12 Sep 17443619 Dec 17701714 Oct 1753Mary MoseleyLunenburg
Micheal Yates30 Jun 17532229 Apr 17762530 Mar 1751Ann EstesCaroline
Joseph Helm5 Oct 17552324 Jun 17791921 Mar 1760Rebecca LarueClarke
Edward Allen23 Jun 17532810 Oct 17822331 Jan 1759Elizabeth ReidNansemond
John Marshall24 Sep 1755273 Jan 17831618 Mar 1766Mary “Polly” Willis AmblerRichmond City
John T Sayers19 Jul 17582616 Aug 17841929 Sep 1764Susanna CrocketPulaski
(with Pulaski
Bible records)
Isaac Hunter29 Aug 1759258 Jun 1785163 Nov 1768Sophia RiddickNansemond
Daniel Duval2 Feb 1770212 Dec 17912425 Dec 1768Sally CarterCaroline
Henry Harris12 Feb 17682415 Nov 1792236 Oct 1769Mary FergusonAlbemarle
James Barbour10 Jun 17752020 Oct 17952029 Nov 1775Lucy Maria JohnsonOrange
Joel Henry20 Jul 17762022 Dec 17962329 Nov 1773Susan AllenFauquier
Gabriel Penn14 Nov 1773236 Feb 17971714 Jan 1780Jane ClarkPatrick
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When completed, this study will have 100 couples. Current tally: 29 couples, 23 Jul 2022