Muscoe Newman & Delilah Aylor

Muscoe Newman is probably named after Muscoe Garnett who was a neighbor of the Newman family in Essex and bought the family estate in 1782. Alexander Newman’s brother-in-law William Halbert also worked as Muscoe Garnett’s overseer for about 20 years.

There were a number of Alexander Newman’s. They are often confused because the records are spotty and there no ages listed. I spent a lot of time studying the various Alexander Newmans, and sorting which piece of information went with each Alexander. Each Alexander will have a page on this website with their sources. I believe that Muscoe Newman and Alexander Newman are the sons of Alexander Newman and Hannah Halbert. I’ve determined this by process of elimination of all the other Newman families in Essex, Richmond, Orange, Culpeper and Madison, and because the timing and location fits.

Muscoe Newman married Delilah Aylor about 1783 and they had 6 children. The children were all named in the disposition of Muscoe Garnett’s estate by chancery in 1848. By that time, Ellick and Milton had moved from the state of Virginia and no had heard of them for 15 years, so the estate was divided between the four remaining children. Muscoe and Delilah’s children were:

  1. Larkin Newman 1785-1855
  2. James Newman b. 1787
  3. Ellick Newman b. 1790
  4. Milton Newman b. 1793
  5. Mary Polly Newman 1805-1875
  6. Nancy Newman 1808-1888
(full case digitized here)

Alexander’s parents:

Delilah’s parents:


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