Malinda Newman & Joseph Rogers

Malinda is the name her father and children used. She also appears on records with her name spelled Burlinda. William Newman’s 1837 will says, “my daughter Malinda Rogers.” William’s estate records say “Malinda Rogers and her husband Joseph Rogers” were heirs of William Newman. The 1850 Census, the marriage record for Joseph and Malinda, a deed, and a chancery case spell her name as “Burlinda.” The 1860 Census and other vital records of Malinda’s children spell her name as Malinda or the first initial “M.”

This family is unique in that Joseph Rogers was a cabinet and furniture maker, not a large planter. Also, there is no indication in census or tax records that Joseph and Malinda ever had any enslaved individuals. A deed of trust in 1822 said that Joseph Rogers also farmed. He grew crops of wheat, oats, flax and corn.

Two records said that Joseph was born in Kentucky, however, did not become a state until about twelve years after Joseph was born. Does this mean he was born in Virginia, on the frontier which later became Kentucky? Did he travel to more established areas, like Orange, as an adult?

Records give conflicting ages for Malinda, her husband, and children. The 1850 Census says Malinda was age 62, which made her born in 1788. The 1860 Census said Malinda was age 60, which made her born in 1800, so she would have only been age 8 when she married in 1808 and 2 years younger than the previous census. Clearly impossible.

Elizabeth was nine years younger than the rest of Malinda and Joseph’s children. We theorize she was actually an adopted grandchild. Elizabeth’s marriage record in October 1865 said she was the daughter of Malinda Rogers and Joseph Rogers and age 23, which made her born in 1842. If Malinda was born in 1788 as the 1850 and earlier census records suggest, then she would have been age 54 when she gave birth to Elizabeth. Also, according to Elizabeth’s marriage record, she would have been age 8 at the time of the 1850 Census. But the 1850 Census says and she was age 18, living with her sister Maria Jamison, in Augusta County, Virginia. The 1880 Census Elizabeth was age 42, which meant she was born in 1838. The 1900 Census says Elizabeth was age 53, born May 1847.

Malinda’s parents:

Malinda Newman and Joseph Rogers married

28 June 1808, in Orange County, Virginia

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