Malinda Newman & Joseph Rogers

“Burlinda” on a deed in Orange County, VA

“Malinda” on her father’s estate records as an heir.

Elizabeth Rogers

1865 Orange County, VA Register of Marriages

Elizabeth & Malinda age variations:

1840 Census1850 Census1860 Census1870 Census1880 Census1900 Censusage at marriage & marriage year
Malindafemale age 50-59
born 1781-1790
age 62,
born 1788
age 60,
born 1800
(died 1862)xxx xxx1808
Elizabethnot accounted for on this Censusage 18,
born 1832
?age 28, born 1842age 42,
born 1838
age 53, born May 18471865
age 23,
born 1843

Census Notes & Comparisons

Margaret Rogers

Rogers Store was shown on the 1863 map above. The roads are different so I put the pin as close as I could get to the area today.





Joseph Rogers married Malinda Newman 28 June 1808 in Orange County, Virginia.

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