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Webmaster notes (Julie): This website is still in its earliest phase. At least 900 Newman relatives and neighbors, and over 200 enslaved individuals will be added to this site. Please refrain from sharing screen shots and instead share links to a page, so that everyone can have the latest updates and the direct links to records. I add to and edit this site almost daily. Names, locations and sources will be added, with direct links to records. We will use FamilySearch wherever possible, because their records are free. You will need to be logged in to see the images. Blue circle buttons, and words that are red text and underlined are links. If you wish to be kept updated of families added to this site, please sign up for email. Every two weeks a brief, simple email will be sent listing which families were added, with a direct link to their family page. I am linking families together, then adding in explanations, reports and record sources. If you’d like to see an example of some family pages with text, see Alexander Newman and Hannah Halbert in Essex. Doll is an example of a slave page linked.

Victor Lo Forte III
Aaron Cabitto
Jay & Anita Nielsen

We acknowledge and have tremendous appreciation for the help our family gives us. They listen to us explain our research, then look to see if we communicated what we were trying to explain. Anne’s dad, Victor, helps brainstorm ways to chart and visually display information. Julie’s husband, Aaron, helps with the photography for this website. Julie’s parents, Jay and Anita Nielsen, are sounding boards for our logic, and formatting options. They all give us a lot of great feedback, before you see the final results on this site.

Meet the Newman researchers:

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The way people are connected on this website

The black arrows show the pages each name appears on. The blue arrows show the links between pages.

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