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Elias Newman was married twice and had ten children. His first wife is unknown. His second wife was named Ann. There are two things that suggest Elias Newman was married twice. The first is that only Elias’s oldest son, and his three youngest children inherited enslaved laborers. It is possible that Ann brought those enslaved individuals to the marriage, so her children inherited them. The other reason is because Elias’s youngest son George Newman married the daughter of James Newman. It was illegal to marry your niece, but not your half niece, which is called and avunculate marriage. George and Ann Newman did have a legal marriage in Orange County, Virginia. See this chart showing the complexities of George and Ann. The doubles lines represent marriages.

Edward Moseley gave his nephew Elias Newman the land he was living on. Edward’s wife Elizabeth and Elias Newman’s mother Bridget Willson were sisters. There is no proof that Elias Newman’s wife Ann had the maiden name of Moseley. The assumption was probably made because Elias inherited land from a Moseley. For more information see Edward Moseley and his brother Alexander Newman’s pages.

Elias Newman’s inventory listed a wedding ring for Ann, and eight bedroom sets of furniture! …….



Elias Newman and his first wife, name unknown, married about 1720. Elias and Ann married about 1741. After Elias died, Ann married Henry Motley about 1750, probably in Essex County, Virginia.

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