Edward Moseley & Elizabeth Willson

Elizabeth Willson and her husband Edward Moseley did not have any living children when they wrote their wills. They named their nieces and nephews as heirs.

Benjamin Moseley sold Edward Moseley 640 acres that was patented 20 May 1705 in St. Anne’s Parish, Essex County, Virginia. Edward purchased the land at the the cost of 200 pounds. It appears Benjamin died before the indenture (loan) was paid in full. William Moseley who was the heir of Benjamin Moseley released his claim and transferred the title to Edward Moseley on 17 May 1725. Deed book 18, page 173.

Eight months later, 23 January 1726, Edward Moseley willed Elias Newman the land that Elias was living on. Essex, VA will book 4, page 204, will proved 20 June 1727. He also willed part of his land to his nephew Benjamin Moseley, who lived on land adjoining Elias Newman. Edward Moseley’s will said after Elizabeth died, the rest of the land and estate was to be divided between his three heirs, and that if all three men died without heirs then the estate should go to the church for more land at the Glebe. I was surprised the will would say this, because Elias Newman was married with two children living at the time of this will. I think Edward probably meant if his nephews didn’t have any children that survived to adulthood. The amount of acreage where Elias Newman lived was not mentioned. Elias land referenced in Edward Moseley’s will, sold in 1785 after Elias Newman’s wife Ann died. Muscoe Garnett bought this 200 acres. Muscoe Garnett and Robert Brooks lived on the adjoining land. Deed book 32, page 355.

Elizabeth Willson, the widow of Edward Moseley, wrote her will 20 January 1728/9. Will book 6, page 208. Her nephew Elias Newman was her executor.

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