Doll, (woman 1728/9)

Edward Moseley willed Doll to his wife Elizabeth. His will was written 23 January 1726/7 and proved 20 Jun 1727. Essex County, Virginia: Will book 4, page 204.

Elizabeth willed “my negro woman Doll and all her future increase” to her nephew Elias Newman. Elizabeth’s will was written 1728/9 and proved in 1739. Essex County, Virginia: Will book 6, page 208. I have not yet found an inventory for Elizabeth’s estate.

Elias Newman’s will was written 6 January 1747/8 and proved in 1750. Elias’ wife Ann received four enslaved individuals: Jack, George, Sambo & Sarah. Elias Newman willed these enslaved individuals to his children: Will (boy), Jenny (girl), Guy (boy), Moringgo (boy), Nette (girl). Essex County, Virginia: Will book 8, page 318. The inventory dated 17 Apr 1750 listed enslaved individuals, but there was no mention of Doll.

The last mention I have of Doll is Elizabeth Moseley’s 1728/9 will.  Without an inventory of her estate, I have no idea if Doll was still alive in 1739 when Elizabeth’s will probated.  Elias Newman doesn’t mention Doll in his will and she is not mentioned in the inventory for his estate.  Currently, I do not know where or how Elias Newman received any of the enslaved individuals listed in his will, so while it is possible that some or all of them are Doll’s children, I have nothing to prove that they are.

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