Can you help us find….?


Madison County, 1803. “Tenant’s Old Church Road” is mentioned on a deed for Alexander and Ibba Newman. We can’t find that place on any maps. See Alexander and Ibba’s estate page.


Alexander Newman bought 127 acres on Little Crooked Run in 1777. At the time of his purchase this was Culpeper County. This land changed to being in Madison County, Virginia, after 1792, during Alexander’s lifetime. We can’t find any record of Alexander selling this land, we can’t find a will for Alexander, and there was not a chancery case to divide the estate. Hannah Halbert died before 1822. Have you seen this land being sold? See Alexander Newman and Hannah Halbert’s estate page.

Alexander Newman and his wife Ibba sold 82 acres in Madison in 1803, then another 83 acres in 1810. The 82 acres was on Little Crooked Run where Alexander’s parents had land. I can’t find a record of Alexander or Ibba purchasing these 165 acres. See Alexander and Ibba’s estate page.

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