Culpeper Pictures added

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  1. Julie, You have a great eye for photography. The photos are outstanding. -Dave


    1. Thank you! My husband actually took the pictures, I agree with you, he has a great eye.

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    PETER LEE was born 30 Jan 1750/1 in Richmond Co. Va.. He married Rebecca Taylor in 1778 in Hampshire Co., W. Va., migrated to Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Among the marriages conducted by the Rev. Thaddeus Dod at Patterson Creek, (Hampshire Co. W. Va.) is that of Peter Lee and Rebecca Taylor on 27 January 1778.[1]

    The North Farnham Parish Registers of Richmond Co., VA. record the birth of William Hanks, son of William and Sarah Hanks, on 14 Feb 1679/80.[2] In July 1711 William Hanks married Esther/Hester Mills[3], the daughter of John and Hester White Mills. Clayton Library, Houston, Texas, microfilm of original records, marriages located in Richmond County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Minister Returns

    I will send you any others I may find.


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