Newman Roots News

The whole site has now been reformatted! I hope you enjoy all the new updates, including a drop down menu in the header that now appears on every page. I’m adding in a sentence or two on family pages, until I can do full write ups. Especially to notate if the family moved away from Virginia.

There are now 65 family pages for people born before 1800 that are connected to each other and connected to an additional 65 pages that are about each of these family member’s estates. The estate pages will include information about land and enslaved individuals. There are currently 30 enslaved individual pages. The latest page, released this week, is about Thomas Armson.

We continue to type up, and get our research ready to share. I’m still on a quest to find the maiden name of Ann, married to Elias Newman. Doing those searches, we’ve recently discovered a few Newman immigrants, arriving 1655-1665. They settled in an area of Old Rappahannock County that is present day Essex County, VA, on the south side of Occupacia Creek. We’re still in the early stages of gathering information about these immigrants.

I’m working on a new feature: making charts to show everyone with the same name, living at the same time & locality. I will also include buttons that will link you to pages in the Newman Roots site about each of these people with the same name. Here is an example about a George Newman page I did this week:

Thank you for reading!

Julie Cabitto

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