Newman site update

The last page published & shared was May 29th. I’ve added lots of pages and linked them, but have not yet added text. The past 2 months I’ve done a lot of searching through Kentucky records, to seen when Newmans left Orange & where they went to. This week’s page contains more than 2 years of research. I’m excited to share that I have found Frankey Newman & her family. She is one of the daughters of William Newman & Ann Finnell. (grand daughter of Elias Newman & Ann)

Published by Julie Cabitto

I've always been passionate about family history. I thoroughly enjoy stories, pictures, maps, charting, good sourcing, and looking for ways newer technology can help with sharing. I try to understand whole communities: all the neighbors, ethnicities, historical events and occupations of my ancestors' environments. I write, research and work on my 3 family history websites daily, full time. I post stories and family pages as often as I can. My work is divided into three areas: Mecklenburg County Virginia, Colonial Virginia and Polish.

One thought on “Newman site update

  1. Julie/Wade, This “Newman site update” has my head spinning. Please take a look at my Excel attachment (Lineage-07162021 (pWade Newman) tab). I’m having trouble piecing everything back together from Elias (1705-1750) and earlier. Your help is sincerely appreciated. -Dave Newman


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